Topic - Clean / Conditioning

Title Processes Material Chamber Principle Chamber Hardware Supplier Topic  
Process out of spec by corroded gas ringTrenchCrystal SiICPTCP®LAMClean / Conditioning
Wet clean and conditioning checkTrenchCrystal SiMERIEHART TSAMATClean / Conditioning
Control of wet clean cycle by plasma parameters of dry clean Polysilicon / a-SiRIE  Clean / Conditioning
Conditioning optimizationHard Mask OpenOxide Nitride SandwichDual FrequencySCCM OxideTELClean / Conditioning
Influence of shadow ring material Nitride / OxinitrideMERIEMxPAMATClean / Conditioning
Dry clean and process stability improvement  ICPDPSAMATClean / Conditioning
Removal of toxic residues before open the chamber ready?  ICPTCP®LAMClean / Conditioning
First wafer effect and prediction of etch profile variationsGate etchOxideICPTCP®LAMClean / Conditioning
Improved chamber temperature stabilityTrenchOxide Nitride SandwichMERIEHARTAMATClean / Conditioning
De-conditioning by test waferTrenchCrystal SiMERIEHARTAMATClean / Conditioning
Improve of warm-upTrenchCrystal SiMERIEHARTAMATClean / Conditioning
Investigation of STI-Etch Process with Hercules SensorSTIResistICP2300LAMClean / Conditioning
ICC Development and Characterization  ICPDPSAMATClean / Conditioning
FDC and WAC enhancement using plasma parametersCVDOxideICPExcelanLAMClean / Conditioning