Chamber Principle - ICP

Title Processes Material Chamber Principle Chamber Hardware Supplier Topic  
Process out of spec by corroded gas ringTrenchCrystal SiICPTCP®LAMClean / Conditioning
Favorable working point and process improvement MetalICPTCP®LAMDevelopment
Conditioning optimization after wet clean OxideICPTCP®LAMProductivity
Instable etch rate in lower pressure rangeStackPolysilicon / a-SiICPTCP®LAMProcess Performance
Poly and nitride etch in one chamber - process stability and particle generation  ICPTCP®LAMProcess Stability
MFC fault detection MetalICPTCP®LAMProcess Stability
Product mix issue depending on chamber dedicationStackPolysilicon / a-SiICP LAMDevelopment
Resist mask causes process faultStack ICP2300LAMProcess Stability
Instable process caused by RF beat of source and bias power  ICPTCP®LAMProcess Stability
Process stability and critical pressure rangeTrench ICPTCP®LAMProcess Performance
Baratron faultGate etch ICPTCP®LAMFDC
Process control by wafer-to-wafer-difference  ICPTCP®LAMProcess Stability
Open area influences the processGate etchPolysilicon / a-SiICPTCP®LAMProcess Stability
Dry clean and process stability improvement  ICPDPSAMATClean / Conditioning
Removal of toxic residues before open the chamber ready?  ICPTCP®LAMClean / Conditioning
Remaining oxide after gate etch correlates with collision rateGate etchOxideICPTCP®LAMProcess Performance
First wafer effect and prediction of etch profile variationsGate etchOxideICPTCP®LAMClean / Conditioning
Chamber matching at Sputter Clean ChamberSputter etchOxideICPCSE / HSESPTSChamber Matching
E-H-Mode transition and its detection in SF6 plasmaTrenchCrystal SiICPDPSAMATProcess Stability
Chamber Matching of ICP Etch Chambers using RF Equipment ModelSTI ICPDPSAMATChamber Matching
Maintenance and Optimization of Aviza HSE Sputter Etch ChmaberSputter etchMetalICPCSE / HSESPTSProcess Stability
Investigation of STI-Etch Process with Hercules SensorSTIResistICP2300LAMClean / Conditioning
Process Stability in Photo Mask ManufacturingMetal EtchMetalICPDPSAMATProcess Stability
Analysis of DT Etch Plasma Problems using a SEERS Plasma SensorTrenchCrystal SiICPDPSAMATFDC
ICC Development and Characterization  ICPDPSAMATClean / Conditioning
Implementation of a robust virtual metrology for plasma etchingGate etchOxideICPDPSAMATVirtual Metrology
FDC and WAC enhancement using plasma parametersCVDOxideICPExcelanLAMClean / Conditioning