Material - Polysilicon / a-Si

Title Processes Material Chamber Principle Chamber Hardware Supplier Topic  
Control of wet clean cycle by plasma parameters of dry clean Polysilicon / a-SiRIE  Clean / Conditioning
Instable etch rate in lower pressure rangeStackPolysilicon / a-SiICPTCP®LAMProcess Performance
Product mix issue depending on chamber dedicationStackPolysilicon / a-SiICP LAMDevelopment
Open area influences the processGate etchPolysilicon / a-SiICPTCP®LAMProcess Stability
Quality Management in large Area PECVD CVDPolysilicon / a-SiPE-CVDAKTAMATProcess Performance
Uniformity and Process transferCVDPolysilicon / a-SiPE-CVDAKTAMATDevelopment
PECVD Process Monitoring In Thin Film Silicon Solar Cell ManufacturingCVDPolysilicon / a-SiPE-CVDAKTAMATProcess Stability