Material - Oxide

Title Processes Material Chamber Principle Chamber Hardware Supplier Topic  
Instable chamber pressure OxideMERIE AMATFDC
Endpoint verification OxideMERIEMxP+AMATProcess Performance
Particle in a CVD processCVDOxideHDP-CVDUltimaAMATFDC
Yield loss detection Oxide   Productivity
Conditioning optimization after wet clean OxideICPTCP®LAMProductivity
Parasitic plasma in He feedthroughVIA etchOxideMERIEMxP+AMATFDC
Open area shifts plasma parametersVIA etchOxideMERIEMxP+AMATProcess Performance
Optimization of wet clean cycle OxideMERIEMxP+AMATProductivity
Stabilization of PECVD process by dry cleanCVDOxideHDP-CVDSpeedNovellusProcess Stability
Gas composition and process results OxideMERIEMxP+AMATProcess Performance
Remaining oxide after gate etch correlates with collision rateGate etchOxideICPTCP®LAMProcess Performance
First wafer effect and prediction of etch profile variationsGate etchOxideICPTCP®LAMClean / Conditioning
Tool and chamber long term matching OxideRIEMxP+AMATChamber Matching
Chamber matching at Sputter Clean ChamberSputter etchOxideICPCSE / HSESPTSChamber Matching
Process Stability Improvement on a Dual Frequency Etch Tool by Means of Plasma Parameters OxideDual FrequencyExcelanLAMProcess Stability
Arcing detection and root cause analysis in low pressure PECVDCVDOxidePE-CVDSpeedLAMArcing/Breakdown
Implementation of a robust virtual metrology for plasma etchingGate etchOxideICPDPSAMATVirtual Metrology
FDC and WAC enhancement using plasma parametersCVDOxideICPExcelanLAMClean / Conditioning