Chamber Hardware - TCP®

Title Processes Material Chamber Principle Chamber Hardware Supplier Topic  
Process out of spec by corroded gas ringTrenchCrystal SiICPTCP®LAMClean / Conditioning
Favorable working point and process improvement MetalICPTCP®LAMDevelopment
Conditioning optimization after wet clean OxideICPTCP®LAMProductivity
Instable etch rate in lower pressure rangeStackPolysilicon / a-SiICPTCP®LAMProcess Performance
Poly and nitride etch in one chamber - process stability and particle generation  ICPTCP®LAMProcess Stability
MFC fault detection MetalICPTCP®LAMProcess Stability
Instable process caused by RF beat of source and bias power  ICPTCP®LAMProcess Stability
Process stability and critical pressure rangeTrench ICPTCP®LAMProcess Performance
Baratron faultGate etch ICPTCP®LAMFDC
Process control by wafer-to-wafer-difference  ICPTCP®LAMProcess Stability
Open area influences the processGate etchPolysilicon / a-SiICPTCP®LAMProcess Stability
Removal of toxic residues before open the chamber ready?  ICPTCP®LAMClean / Conditioning
Remaining oxide after gate etch correlates with collision rateGate etchOxideICPTCP®LAMProcess Performance
First wafer effect and prediction of etch profile variationsGate etchOxideICPTCP®LAMClean / Conditioning