Topic - Process Performance

Title Processes Material Chamber Principle Chamber Hardware Supplier Topic  
Endpoint verification OxideMERIEMxP+AMATProcess Performance
Hard mask erosionTrenchCrystal SiMERIE AMATProcess Performance
Instable etch rate in lower pressure rangeStackPolysilicon / a-SiICPTCP®LAMProcess Performance
Instable process start with magnetic field  MERIE AMATProcess Performance
Open area shifts plasma parametersVIA etchOxideMERIEMxP+AMATProcess Performance
CD drift due to chamber heating Nitride / OxinitrideDual FrequencySCCM OxideTELProcess Performance
Gas composition and process results OxideMERIEMxP+AMATProcess Performance
Etch rate dependence on plasma parametersVIA etchNitride / OxinitrideMERIEMxP+AMATProcess Performance
Contact angle (slope of side wall) depending on plasma parameters  MERIEMxP+AMATProcess Performance
Process stability and critical pressure rangeTrench ICPTCP®LAMProcess Performance
Remaining oxide after gate etch correlates with collision rateGate etchOxideICPTCP®LAMProcess Performance
Insensitive etch rate on test wafersVIA etch MERIEMxP+AMATProcess Performance
Quality Management in large Area PECVD CVDPolysilicon / a-SiPE-CVDAKTAMATProcess Performance