Chamber Principle - MERIE

Title Processes Material Chamber Principle Chamber Hardware Supplier Topic  
Arcing in gas distribution  MERIEMxPAMATMaintenance
Magnetic field failure  MERIEMxPAMATMaintenance
Instable chamber pressure OxideMERIE AMATFDC
Wet clean and conditioning checkTrenchCrystal SiMERIEHART TSAMATClean / Conditioning
E-chuck faultTrenchCrystal SiMERIEHARTAMATFDC
Endpoint verification OxideMERIEMxP+AMATProcess Performance
Hard mask erosionTrenchCrystal SiMERIE AMATProcess Performance
Instable process start with magnetic field  MERIE AMATProcess Performance
Parasitic plasma in He feedthroughVIA etchOxideMERIEMxP+AMATFDC
Open area shifts plasma parametersVIA etchOxideMERIEMxP+AMATProcess Performance
Etch rate depends on matchbox  MERIEMxP+AMATMaintenance
B-field real time supervision  MERIE AMATDevelopment
Magnetic field and process stability  MERIE AMATDevelopment
Arcing at e-chuck  MERIE  FDC
Optimization of wet clean cycle OxideMERIEMxP+AMATProductivity
Influence of shadow ring material Nitride / OxinitrideMERIEMxPAMATClean / Conditioning
Gas composition and process results OxideMERIEMxP+AMATProcess Performance
Etch rate dependence on plasma parametersVIA etchNitride / OxinitrideMERIEMxP+AMATProcess Performance
Contact angle (slope of side wall) depending on plasma parameters  MERIEMxP+AMATProcess Performance
Insensitive etch rate on test wafersVIA etch MERIEMxP+AMATProcess Performance
Improved chamber temperature stabilityTrenchOxide Nitride SandwichMERIEHARTAMATClean / Conditioning
Chamber matchingTrenchCrystal SiMERIEHARTAMATChamber Matching
De-conditioning by test waferTrenchCrystal SiMERIEHARTAMATClean / Conditioning
Improve of warm-upTrenchCrystal SiMERIEHARTAMATClean / Conditioning