Processes - Trench

Title Processes Material Chamber Principle Chamber Hardware Supplier Topic  
Process out of spec by corroded gas ringTrenchCrystal SiICPTCP®LAMClean / Conditioning
Wet clean and conditioning checkTrenchCrystal SiMERIEHART TSAMATClean / Conditioning
E-chuck faultTrenchCrystal SiMERIEHARTAMATFDC
Implementation of in-situ Measurement Techniques for Plasma ProcessingTrench Dual FrequencyHARTAMATProcess Stability
Hard mask erosionTrenchCrystal SiMERIE AMATProcess Performance
Process stability and critical pressure rangeTrench ICPTCP®LAMProcess Performance
Improved chamber temperature stabilityTrenchOxide Nitride SandwichMERIEHARTAMATClean / Conditioning
Chamber matchingTrenchCrystal SiMERIEHARTAMATChamber Matching
De-conditioning by test waferTrenchCrystal SiMERIEHARTAMATClean / Conditioning
Improve of warm-upTrenchCrystal SiMERIEHARTAMATClean / Conditioning
E-H-Mode transition and its detection in SF6 plasmaTrenchCrystal SiICPDPSAMATProcess Stability
Analysis of DT Etch Plasma Problems using a SEERS Plasma SensorTrenchCrystal SiICPDPSAMATFDC