Chamber Hardware - DPS

Title Processes Material Chamber Principle Chamber Hardware Supplier Topic  
Dry clean and process stability improvement  ICPDPSAMATClean / Conditioning
E-H-Mode transition and its detection in SF6 plasmaTrenchCrystal SiICPDPSAMATProcess Stability
Chamber Matching of ICP Etch Chambers using RF Equipment ModelSTI ICPDPSAMATChamber Matching
Process Stability in Photo Mask ManufacturingMetal EtchMetalICPDPSAMATProcess Stability
Analysis of DT Etch Plasma Problems using a SEERS Plasma SensorTrenchCrystal SiICPDPSAMATFDC
ICC Development and Characterization  ICPDPSAMATClean / Conditioning
Implementation of a robust virtual metrology for plasma etchingGate etchOxideICPDPSAMATVirtual Metrology