Plasma Metrology System Hercules® Applications
  • In-situ Plasma Metrology System for etch and CVD processes (for example: semiconductor manufacturing)
  • Passive and real-time measurement of plasma key parameters (electron density and/or electron collision rate) as an indicator for the process plasma
  • Plasma Metrology System Hercules® consists of
    • Sensor
    • High-speed digitizer to convert sensor signal into digital data
    • Software for data analysis and visualization
  • Software interface for communication with APC systems
  • Process development and transfer
  • Fault Detection and Classification (FDC)
  • Chamber matching
  • Process control
  • Chamber conditioning after wet clean
  • Plasma stability improvement
  • Matching through absolute parameters
  • Quality management
  • Process and tool qualification
  • Preprocess issues
  • Yield improvement

Sensors heads Specifications
  • Sensors kits for mainstream plasma tools in semiconductor manufacturing
  • Surface layer and alay as liner and GDP
  • Easy setup and installation as a part of chamber wall
  • Non-instrusive (Sensor has no affect on plasma and/or process conditions)
  • A large range of sensors and their specifications please find in the SENSOR CATALOG.
  • Frequency: 10 MHz - 70 MHz, also dual frequency, depends on model (SEERS or NEED).
  • Pressure range depends on gas, reactor geometry, and RF power
Hercules® Setup Software and Data Visualization
  • Installation and setup is simple, and no calibration is neeeded.
  • Install the sensor. Installation does not require drilling!
  • Connect sensor to Hercules digitizer
  • Configure softare by setting a few tool specific parameters in the ini-file
  • Turn-on power and system boots automatically
  • Plasma parameters will be generated as soon as sensor signal exceeds minimum threshold.
  • Note:
    Plasmetrex will provide onsite technical support for initial setup and system start-up.