Data coupling enables fast and convenient data handling.

Plasma parameters delivers in connection with logistical parameters as lot_ID and recipe easily the relevant process information.
BlueBox (TOOLweb)®
Maestria® Lam® Plug and Play
Blue Box Maestria
Plug and Play
  • Hercules® supports the TOOLweb® TOOLside protocol. The BlueBox (SECS Box) collects plasma and tool parameters simultaneously from chamber and Hercules® and creates a new unifed data stream.
  • The plasma parameters measured by Hercules® appear now as delivered by the tool. So they can be analyzed  as common tool parameters.
  • Hercules® is readily connected to the APC system Maestria® via the SEMI E54.9 interface (Modbus/TCP). Do the plasma parameters can be used as tool parameters within Maestria® which provides smart process control through univariate and multivariate approaches.
  • Each Hercules® sensor separately connected via Lam's® Plug and Play interface to the mainframe. The mainframe handles the plasma parameters as common tool parameters.
For other interface options please refer to the specification or contact us directly.

Subject to technical alternations!