Main Functionality

The Hercules® SAPC Server is a stand-alone, easy-to-use Statistical Process Control (SPC) solution. It utilizes the well-known BlueBox (made by MKS Instruments) for data communication to the tool and enables mapping of sensor data in the tool data. The communication between tool and tool controller is not affected. Data from serveral Hercules® SAPC Servers can be used for a common data analysis (tool and chamber comparison).
The Hercules® SAPC Server stores the tool data together with the plasma data and logistical information in a file based process data base.

Main Applications:

  • Process control through plasma parameters
  • Tool hardware control through tool parameters
  • Chamber matching
  • Fault detection (by plasma parameters) and classification (by plasma and tool parameters)
  • Optimization of conditioning
  • Process development
  • Process transfer

Specification of SAPC server


Statistical Process Control in Real Time:
  • Step-wise limits can be defined for the statistical moments:
    • Mean
    • Median (very robust estimation for mean)
    • Coefficient of variation (standard deviation over mean)
For every chosen value up to 4 limits are possible. The type of limits (upper or lower) and the reaction can be defined. Following reactions are possible:
  • No reaction
  • Warning on screen
  • Error message in log-file
  • Error message via e-mail
  • Command to tool

The SAPC Server includes Plasmetrex' superior off-line data analysis software
HercView for detailed lot control and HercLotView for long term process stability.
Effective software for collecting to meet Standards of Quaility Management, foe xample ISO/TS 16949.