HERCULES® PMX 500/1000


Hercules PMX

Download of specification:


Etch Profile Prediction by
Knowing the Plasma physical Background

Process development



  • Hercules® PMX 500 (10 - 35 MHz)
  • Hercules® PMX 1000 (10 - 70 MHz)
    includes also DC bias or RF peak voltage measurement point for SEERS model.


  • Process development and transfer
  • Based on the RF peak or DC Bias voltage, Hercules® PMX includes an extended model and allows parameters studies (power and pressure series).


  • Electron collision rate as effective collision rate for momentum transfer including stochastic heating
  • Electron density is calculated by a complete model with self-consistent sheath thickness. RF peak voltage or DC bias measurement point at the matchbox or chamber is necessary. Without peak or DC bias voltage or if there are two power couplings, the model uses a given (predeterminated) sheath thickness (see Hercules® conifiguration file). Systematic reproducible deviations are possible, the repeatability is not concerned.
  • Plasma bulk resistance
  • Sheath width
  • RF current (1st harmonic)
  • RF Peak voltage measurement (measurement point at matchbox necessary)

Measurement range:

  • Electron density: 109 - 1011 cm-3
  • Electron collision rate: 107 - 5 109 s-1

Pressure range:

  • Depends on gas, reactor geometry, and RF power
  • Upper limit: typical 35 Pa (260 mTorr), 50 Pa (380 mTorr) for the most electropositive gases


  • Cylindrical chamber geometry
  • Flange above wafer in process position, not in shadow of other parts
  • Well grounded chamber wall and liner
  • For full performance: RF peak voltage value for ECS; otherwise DC bias for
    anodized chamber surface

Etch and CVD:


Flexible and small:

  • 6.3 kg
  • H: 210 mm, D: 250 mm, W: 280 mm
  • 19" rack compatible

Data analysis and process control:


  • Modbus® TCP
  • Lam® Plug and Play (optional)
  • SECS/HSMS (optional via Hercules® Master)

(MKS BlueBox)

  • optional

Subject to technical alternations!