This course provides knowledge on plasma principles and capability of semiconductor manufacturing technologies.


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  • 10 - 20 participants
  • Courses on demand
  • Technician and engineer courses
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Location: Courses in Berlin

  • RF Technology for Plasma Applications
  • Plasma School for Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Selected special courses

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Plasma School for Semiconductor Manufacturing


Estimated Durations:

  • RF Technology for Plasma Applications: 12 hours

  • Plasma School for Semiconductor Manufacturing 
    • Plasma Physics Fundamentals: 10 h
    • Process Fundamentals & Control: 5+4 h
    • Equipment
      • Plasma Etch Tools: 4 h
      • Sputtering: 3 h
      • Plasma Deposition Tools: 2 h
  • Advanced Courses
      • E-Chuck: 4 hours
      • Arcing and charging: 2 h
      • Conditioning and chamber matching: 8 h
      • Deep Reactive Ion Etching (Main focus: Bosch process) 12 h

  • Special Courses (chamber related):
      • Applied Materials® DPN
      • Applied Materials® DPS
      • Lam® (Novellus) SPEED®
      • Lam® (Novellus) Sequel®

Course overview


Plasma Physics Fundamentals

  • Elementary plasma physics
  • DC discharge
  • RF discharge
  • CCP - Capacitively Coupled Plasma
  • ICP / TCP® - Inductively Coupled Plasma
  • Electron Cyclotron Resonance
  • NLD - Neutral Loop Discharge
  • Remote and pulsed plasmas
  • RF power in plasma
  • Plasma process control in Fab
  • Methods of plasma diagnostics
Example: Plasma Physics Fundamentals


Plasma Etch Tools

Plasma Etch Tools

  • The plasma process, reactor types
  • Capacitively Coupled Plasma
  • MERIE reactors
  • Dual frequency reactors
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma ( ICP / TCP®)
  • Comparison of chamber types
  • Etch chemistry
Example: Plasma Etch Tools

Plasma Deposition Tools

Plasma Deposition Tools

  • Sputtering cleaning
  • Sputter deposition
  • Plasma Enhanced Vapor Deposition
  • Nitridation (summary)
Example: Plasma Deposition Tools


Plasma Processes

  • Basics of plasma processing
  • Physical etching (Sputtering)
  • Etching: Chemistry, selectivity, and profiles
  • Limitations of plasma processes
  • Deposition
  • Chamber design
  • Preprocess faults
  • Cost control by quality and process management
Process Fundamentals


Conditioning and Chamber Matching

Conditioning and Chamber Matching

  • Motivation
  • Gas heating
  • Memory effects at chamber wall
  • Conditioning
  • Chamber matching
Example: Conditiong and Chamber Matching

Wafer Damaging, E-Chuck, and Arcing

Wafer Damaging, E-Chuck, and Arcing

  • Wafer Charging and Arcing
  • The ElectroStatic Chuck
  • Thermal Conductivity in Thin Gases
  • ESC and Etch Process
  • Chamber Arcing and Particles
  • Specific Problems of Dielectric Wafers
Example: Wafer Damaging, E-chuck, and Arcing

Plasma Nitridation

Other training modules

  • Plasma Nitridation of ultra thin SiO2 Films
  • Chamber related courses as for Applied Materials® DPS/DPS+ and DPN, Lam/Novellus® Speed® and Sequel®
Example: Plasma Nitridation