Adcanced Courses:

        • Electro-static chuck ESC
        • Arcing and Charging
        • Conditioning and Chamber Matching
        • Plasma Nitridation of Ultra Thin SiO2 Films

        Special Courses (chamber related):

        • Applied Materials® DPN
        • Applied Materials® DPS
        • Lam (Novellus) SPEED®
        • Lam (Novellus) Sequel®


        The Plasmetrex Plasma Service Concept

        Service and Consulting offered by Plasmetrex


        • Process, maintenance, or equipment engineers (plasma etching, PECVD, sputtering)


        • Basic knowledge of plasma processing and RF technology for every day usage in semiconductor manufacturing

        Two Course Lectures:

        • Quality, knowlegde, and experience of lectures is at least as important as the quality of the training manual.


        • Comprehensive training manual

        • Certificate

        • Short final test 

        • Course evaluation


        • Space charge sheath (dark space): Formation and structures

        • Effect of parameter variation in plasmas:

        • RF power and pressure

        • Particle transport and removal


        • Plasma and magnetic field (video alternatively)

        • Live plasma experiment shows interaction with a static
          magnetic field by rotation of the plasma (Faraday effect).

        Same principle as used in MERIE chambers as TEL™ DRM
        and Applied Materials® - MxP family.