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Process Services for Process Issues in Manufacturing
Reduction of f
luorinated greenhouse gases

RF Plasma Processes in High-Volume Production in Semiconductor and Solar Cell Manufacturing

Manufacturing-related process model based on available data as recipe, etch rate, and open area


  • Etch & Deposition
  • Chamber Matching
  • Fault Detection (by Plasma Parameters) and Classification (by Plasma and Tool Parameters)
  • Optimization of Conditioning
  • Process Development and Transfer

Plasma Metrology System Hercules® SmartM

We offer also a Lean SPC Solution

  • Process gas utilization modelling in particular for high rate processing and PECVD cleans
  • Process limitations - transport or surface reaction controlled ?
  • Based on these process models: Estimation of global warming potential, reduction of fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-gases)

  • Plasma/wafer surface models for plasma induced Wafer Damaging

RF Technology & Process Services

Training & Consulting

RF Subsystem (from Generator to the Plasma)

RF design and re-design

- RF Equipment Model (RFEM)
Improvement of RF Performance and chamber  matching

- RF Fault Detection and Classification by RF Parameters

- Repair of special RF cables (e.g. IMP bias power) and optimization of matchboxes (e.g. IMP source)

RF School:

- Industrial Radio Frequency Applications

Plasma School:

- Plasma Physics Fundamentals

- Process Fundamentals

- Equipment:

- Plasma Etch / Sputtering, Implantation / Plasma CVD

- Process and Equipment Interaction

- E-Chuck / Arcing / Conditioning