Plasma Metrology System Hercules ®

Lean SPC Solution

for CCP or ICP RF Plasma Processes in High-Volume Production in Semiconductor and Solar Cell Manufacturing:

- Etch & Deposition

- Process Development

- Quality Management

- Equipment Health

The SAPC Server is a stand-alone, easy-to-use Statistical Process Control (SPC) solution with additional APC features.

- Merges Sensor (Plasma Parameters) and Tool Data

- Process Control through Plasma Parameters

- Tool Hardware Control through Tool Parameters

- Statistical Process Control in Real Time

Step-wise Limits defined for the Statistical Moments:

- Warning on Screen

- Error Message in log-file

- Error Message via e-mail

- HSMS command to Tool



Pressure range

up to 35 Pa

60 Pa – 1 kPa

Frequency range

5 – 100 MHz

5 – 40 MHz

Sensors for mainstream chambers available.

Applicable for:

- Chamber Matching

- Fault Detection (by Plasma Parameters) and Classification (by Plasma and Tool Parameters)

- Optimization of Conditioning

- Process Development and Transfer

RF Technology & Process Services

Training & Consulting

RF Subsystem (from Generator to the Plasma)

- RF Design

- RF Re-design

- RF Equipment Model → Improvement of RF Performance

- RF Fault Detection and Classification by RF Parameters

Plasma Process Characterization

- Improvement of Process Stability

- Plasma induced Wafer Damaging

- Process Transfer and Chamber Matching

RF School:

- Industrial Radio Frequency Applications

Plasma School:

- Plasma Physics Fundamentals

- Process Fundamentals

- Equipment:

- Plasma Etch / Sputtering, Implantation / Plasma CVD

- Process and Equipment Interaction

- E-Chuck / Arcing / Conditioning

Consulting Overview