Plasma parameters indicate sucess of wet clean

The plasma parameters of conditioning procedure indicate the wet clean success immediately by:

The diagram below indicates normal conditioning:

Plasma parameters are unstable with irregular magnitude changes compared to the diagram on the left:
Successful wet clean Wet clean failure
Plasma parameters:
Indicator of successful wet clean.
Plasma parameters: 
Indicator of wet clean failure.

Conditioning affects process stability:
Stable conditioning Bad conditioning
Stable conditioning  -->  stable process.

Conditioning fault --> instable processing.

Chamber Matching

Goal: Bring a new chamber into a similar conditioning state to yield the same processing result as other  chambers.

Chamber mismatch: Chambers have reached different steady states of chamber wall deposition.

Example of poor chamber matching as indicated by the collision rate (for several conditioning cycles):

Chamber A: stable Chamber C: instable
Chamber A: Stable Chamber C: Unstable

Deconditioning by wrong procedure

Depending on the process, a proper conditioning procedure must be applied.

Select of suitable material for conditioning wafers is important !

Example: Metal Etch Process

The use of blanc Si wafers can lead to a deconditioning, which can be seen in the collision rate:

Conditioning procedure

Use a suitable conditioning procedure !